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How to Find Your True Self and Enhance the Human Experience

What is

The Spiritual

Strategic Plan?


The Spiritual Strategic Plan is a personalized framework that allows you to set and achieve your own plan for personal growth.

Its eight pillars are designed to enhance the human experience by offering practices and techniques that will lead you to thrive in any area of life where your light has dimmed while ensuring you remain steadfast in your universal gifts and always shine the light of your true self.

You make plans in other areas of life, business, fitness, etc so why not have a spiritual plan?


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What You Get As A Member of Being Part of the Conscious Community:

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Finding Your True Self Will Help You:

Find peace of mind and happiness

Improve your creativity

Improve your holistic health

Strengthen your relationships

Get back to your authentic self

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Finding Your True Self Will Help You:

-Find peace of mind and happiness-

-Improve your Creativity-

-Improve your Holistic Health-

-Strengthen your Relationships-

-Get back to your Authentic Self-

The Secret Of Balance

The unique plan has eight pillars. Co-created in a conscious cohort setting, The Spiritual Strategic Plan helps you thrive in those areas of your life where your light has dimmed while rediscovering your universal gifts:

Holistic Health
Rising in Love
Shadow Work
True Self
Cultivating Brilliance
Radiant Self
Surrender to Yourself

Once you are letting your true self shine, you’ll be better able to help others shine. This is the Brilliance Effect. Then, we are not just helping you, but together, we are helping to enhance the human experience for us all.

 This will be delivered in a 30-day video course with practices, writing assignments, and online training. You will also be invited to our in-person retreats.

We look forward to working with you on creating your Spiritual Strategic Plan!